Top Industry: Manufacturing/IT/Aviation Services/PR/Real Estate
Hot jobs: Operations Manager/Airline stewardess/Personnel Manager/Inspection & Quarantine Services /Financial Analysis Manager

Core business

Core business 
      Marstyle Goal 
      We are committed to closely co-ordinate with clients, provide them with human resources consulting from framing a long-term trade development strategy to daily executive management, and also create efficient work team for customers.  

      Marstyle Services 
      Sincere, Efficient, and Professional
      Our recruiters have gathered long-standing experience and in depth insight in the human capital industry. They have also attained profound knowledge of the entire executive searching process, and can therefore cater to the needs of the employers and employees as well.

       Marstyle Task 
      Assisting our clients in becoming the most competitive companies in the market.Our clients range from Fortune 500 multinational companies to domestic enterprises with strong growing momentum. With a deep understanding of differences in company cultures, as well as the particular emphasis on candidate’s personality and professional qualifications in each assignment, we are able to provide services that best fit clients’ specifications.



How to Run a More Cost-Efficient Employee Benefits and Services Program

        Managing a company's Employee Benefits and Services program can become an exhaustive, complicated and costly undertaking. There are, however, companies that can take that burden off of your hands en route to creating a more proficient program for your valued employees.
These companies provide a highly integrated system for managing all employee related tasks. For many companies, this can mean going from being overwhelmed by enrollment forms and employee complaints to having the entire process flow smoothly and all participants' concerns being handled adroitly.

        Employee benefits and services management companies can provide everything from 401k retirement and health insurance plans to virtually any type of benefit or service an employer would want to offer. These companies often provide many of these benefits and services directly. Some partner with human resources, payroll and other benefits providers to give you a single point of contact for all your employee benefits and services.

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